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24 Carat Gold Facial Kit

Glow your skin with real Gold

Gold, as we all know, is a much valued metal known for its ornamental charm and aesthetic value. Being rare in nature it holds over our minds as enigmatic. Since time immemorial it is being used by our ancient system of medicine ‘Ayurved’. The modern world however has little knowledge of its medicinal value taken orally or applied topically on skin whereas our ancient Ayurvedic Heritage has plenty to enlighten us in this regard. Skin is the most visible exposed organ of our body and is subjected to pollution, toxins, seasonal changes etc. It is also the most Nutrition deficiet organ in the whole body. Gold being an easily absorbed metal flushes the skin of toxins and accelerates the

regeneration of healthy new cells and in tuen makes the skin more resilient and youthful. A new range of scientifically advanced glowing skin care products for all skin types, developed to make your skin look, feel and function better. Each product has specific function but all share the same goal-Younger, Fresher, Glowing and Healthy Skin.

Gold is a soft metal which recharges ions of epidermal cells with the help of ionotopharisis (galvanic/dermasonic waves). IONOTOPHORISIS is the tern which implies induction of charged medicinal ions into the tissue by electric current/dermasonic waves having like charges to produce this ion transference effects. Direct galvanic currents gernerates are used having (+) and (-) poles.

DERMA GOLD KIT - Containing 24 Carat Certified gold can recharge our skin cells and help them rejuvenate and give them stimulation of blood lymph and cell metabolism, which can help a dull dry, sluggish skin glow like baby soft skin.


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Size:100g, 450g

How to use this kit:

Step 1. Derma Gold Cleanser:
It is a mild purifying gel cleanser that removes surface contamination and impurities Moisten the skin , take one tea spoon gel cleanser with little Derma Gold Serum

Directions: Massage into skin in upward and outward , movements , then remove it with damp cotton or can cleanse with (-) galvanic current.

Step 2. Derma Gold Exfoliator:
A double action gel that cleanse and exfoliate containing Aloevera and witch hazel to smooth and tone the skin.

Directions: Apply Gold Gel and give penetration with (+) galvanic/dermasonic waves.

Step 3. Derma Gold Gel:
It Contains soft gold electronically charged , Aloevera and pure essential oil of witch hazel.

Directions: Apply from neck to face , massage for 20 minutes , take 3-4 drops of Radiant Serum , if required.

Step 4. Derma Gold Massage Cream:
This rich gold cream containing beech bud extract and 24 carat gold that improves skin’s oxygen consumption contributing to a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Directions: Give massage for 15 minutes. Can be penetrated through dermasonic also.

Step 5. Derma Gold Serum :
A rejuvinating and lifting serum - is mainly targeted for dull and loose skin. Grape Seed oil , Sandalwood oil , Abisanain Oil , Beech Bud Extract and Maushroom Extract is blended together to get the perfect skin tone.

Directions: Take a few drops and add to Massage cream and massage for 20 minutes. This oil can be used individually also for extra glow and shine.

Step 6. Derma Gold Face Pack :
A rich pack with gentian and birch along with essential oils helps to improve dull , dry , sluggish skin.

Directions: Apply from neck to face, keep the pack for 10-12 minutes , then splash water and massage anticlock wise , then rinse off with water for dry skin moisturizer should be applied. Naturence firduas moisturizer for better results


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