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99.99 Silver Wonder Facial Kit

Your life is active and dynamic. Its all about movement changing rhythm joy and stress. Your skin too has an active life. It is in a state of perpetual movement with different need for different days. We introduce 99.99 Silver Wonder Collection the primary conditioning for lasting beauty.

Silver is nature's alternative to antibiotics kicks. It is modern day natural wonder therapy for skin to kill germs. It is tremendously benefited on skin eruptions such as acne scars. This is a wonderful therapy to replace microderm-abrasion.

Naturence Silver Wonder Kit contains certified pure Silver Crystals and an antioxidant blend of lemon, Aloevera, Cucumis, Grapeseed oil which can recharge your skin cells and helps them rejuvenate. It will help skin to smoothen as silk. If it suits to sensitive skin that means it will suit every type of skin.

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Size:70g, 450g

How to use this kit:

Step 1. Silver Care (Cleanser):
A combination of three ingredients-silver, soya and cimifuga helps make up a deep cleaning, a luxurious gel cleanser that sweeps away makeup and impurities to leave skin feeling flawlessly clean and beautiful.

Directions: Apply Silver Care Cleanser on neck to face added with Silver Mineral Toner, massage for 5 to 7 minutes in circular motions. Wipe off with wet cotton.

Step 2. Silver Jojoba (Scrub):
With the help of Jojoba beads added with essential oils and flowers like kniphone nector, Energizing beech bud and vitamin A derivated reinforce the skins protection against environment damage.

Directions: After Cleansing apply Jojoba scrub, massage for 5 to 7 minutes from nech to face, then rinse off with cool water. Add Silver Mineral Toner if required.

Step 3. Silver Mineral (Serum):
Superbly fresh and silky to touch this 99.99 silver mineral toner helps keep skin lighten and acts as an antiseptic agent.

Directions: Follow silver mineral toner with all 5 beauty steps, keep skin in a sensation of soothing softness.

Step 4. Silver Fair (Gel):
This elixir for young fabulous looking skin is endowed with the concentrate of 99.99 silver and natural ingredients that helps fight visible skin ageing.

Directions: Apply on the neck to face, give galvanic (Positive*) OR massage for 10 minutes in circular motion, use Silver Soft Massage cream on top of the gel.

Step 5. Silver Soft (Massage Cream):
Essential smoothness that offer your skin day and night benefitted, enriched with silver, surrounds the native flower nector with a great variety of protected nourishing ingredients Vitamin E and fatty acids derived from a blend of vegetable oil.

Directions: Apply on the neck to face followed by Silver Fair Gel, massage for 20 minutes with circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise, then rinse off with cool water.

Step 6. Silver Gloss (Pack):
The soft rich cream face pack treats your skin to an extraordinary nourishment. It combines the unit benefits of 99.99 Silver with other revitalizing ingredients.

Directions: Apply a thick layer on neck to face, let the pack rest on your face till semi-dry, remove through massage, then wipe off with wet cotton.


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