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Cool Mint

Facial Mask Insta Glow

This Mask is Enriched with pure herbs and essential oils such as, Geranium, Grape Seed, Peppermint, mint etc. It soothes the skin and is very effective on oily to very greasy skin. It helps cool the skin and remove tanning from the epidermis layer, extreme fairness and glowing results. Skin with open pores should use this Mask 3 times a week for good results.

Available In Stock:

Size: 450g

Directions: Make a paste by adding water to the powder base Mask. Apply immediately after making paste on face & neck. Remove the Mask with wet towel once the mask is fully dried on face do not apply any cream or lotion after removing this Mask. It`s cooling effect will go if done so.


  • • Cinnamomum Camphora-0.50%
  • • Singejehata 15.00%
  • • MenthaSpicata 5.00%
  • • Lawsonia Alba 5.00%
  • • CyperusRotundus 3.00%
  • • Trapanatans 7.00%
  • • Fullers Earth 10.00%
  • • Powder base-qs.

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