Saffron Gold

Face Massage Cream

A unique massage cream which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and delays ageing. An ideal treatment for sagging skin, can be used for facial massage also.

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Size: 8g, 40g, 60g, 450g, 800g

Directions: Apply the cream on cleanse face, massage gently all over neck to face and leave on. Can be used as a night cream for very dry skin.


  • • Crocus sativus-0.05%
  • • Olea europaea-2.00%
  • • Triticum sativum-4.50%
  • • Honey-2.00%
  • • Dacus carota- 3.05%
  • • Pistacia vera-2.50%
  • • Honey wax-2.00%
  • • China Grass-4.00%
  • • DM water-Q.S.

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