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Keratene Hair Oil

Anti Dandruff & Hair Fall (Treatment Oil)

Pure herbs like shikakai, Amla, Jatamansi and many more 130 herbs blended with pure essential oils. This rich herb oil helps to promote hair growth and controls hair fall benefit for dandruff control. Natural ingredients are excellent for all kind of hair and scalp.

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Directions:Apply the oil massage gently all over scalp & hair. Keep over night for Best result or minimum for 4 hours than wash off with NaturenceAmla or Aloevera shampoo. 3 times a week is advised for instant results.


  • • Aloe Vera-4.00%
  • • Lawsonia Alba-2.5%
  • • Nyctanthesarvortris-1.2%
  • • Butea monosperma-2.75%
  • • Sesanum Indicum-60%
  • • Cocus Nucifera-29%
  • • Prunus amygdalus-3%.

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