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Papaya Gel

Fairness Gel

For All Skin Types

A unique blend of papaya including essential oils like Geranium, Lavender, Panchauli. This gel helps to fade the melanin and gives fairness to the skin. It also moisturizes and tones up the skin, it also helps remove pigmentation and sun tan. can be used as a facial gel while doing facial.

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Size: 100g, 255g

Directions: Apply the required quantity, massage gently for 15 minutes in circular motion from neck to face then wipe of with wet cotton, It promises instant freshness and fairness results


  • • Carica Papaya 3.75%
  • • Cyperusrotundus 1.5%
  • • Abiesweppiana 1.25%
  • • Terminialiachebula 1.25%
  • • Cucumissativus 2 %
  • • Honey 1.25%
  • • Gel Base-qs.

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