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About Us

Naturence is a closely held group of Companies Managed by Mr. Manoj Prabhakar, a renowned Cricketer of International Repute who has represented Indian Cricket Team in many International matches. The Naturence group comprising of:

• Naturence Research Labs Private Limited
• Naturence Herbal

Naturence Group was established in 1995 to serve the needs of Herbal and cosmetic industry. Managed by a group of professionals, mainly from the Herbal and cosmetic industry , with a collective experience of 20 years , Naturence Group is driven by the vision of quality product serving the customers with reasonable prices. The current management of the company consists of the techno-commercial & most experienced team of engineer , pharmacist , chemists & skilled personnel.

Naturence Group is a manufacturer & supplier (export & domestic both) of Ayurvedic as well as cosmetics & toiletries items like cosmetics (fairness cream , moisturizing cream , cold cream , body lotion , face wash , hair oil , facial kits , hair shampoo and with international standards from India.

We have a well-planned production unit is situated at Rudrapur as well as in Haldwani. We have well equipped plant & machinery with trained manpower. Furthermore , we are equipped with a separate R & D (Research and Development) section


Naturence Herbals is one of the well known brand dealing in Ayurvedic as well as Cosmetic personal care products which has carved a niche for itself in the Industry in India. During the last two decades , the company has succeeded in establishing its name both in terms of exclusive Salon Treatments as well a wide range of Ayurvedic Formulation.

At present , the Naturence Herbals Group is one of the household name in the manufacture , distribution and sale of Ayurvedic skin , hair and body care products in India and is achieving new highs in the industry which will always be a landmark for other in the years to come.


Research and Development have always received high priority in the Group , Our R & D team is supervised by Mrs. Farheen Prabhakar (renowned cosmetologist & Film actress).The quality control is exercised right from the raw material stage. This is done through rigorous testing and research. Various herbs and flowers are used in the formulations. These are made under strict supervision , using the latest technology. Stringent quality control tests are carried out of various dilutions. Thus , by exercising control at each stage , high quality is ensured.


Naturence Herbals is always on the forefront in cultivating as well as enriching India's Ayurvedic heritage. It has tried its best in popularizing and spreading value and utilities of the Ayurvedic treatments and remedies to the world and perpetuating the philosophy of 'care and cure' through Ayurveda. The Company always wishes to bring the goodness of natural treatments and cures to every nook and corner of the globe.

The Company works on the principle of :

• Using only the purest natural extracts and active ingredients in our products
• Maintaining a high level of quality control and continuous R & D
• Enriching , Cultivating and Spreading the unbeatable concepts of Ayurveda , a 5000 years old "Science of Life " to India and to the World which is not merely a system of healing , but an entire way of life, which aims at helping man live in harmony with himself.
• To create a customer friendly transparent policy.
• To offer value for money to our customer.
• To impart training to our employees for continuously improving their performance in respective fields by ensuring total involvement


• Ayurvedic ingredients have a long history of safe usage.
• They offer safety from irrigative after-effects.
• The human body responds well to natural substances and has an in-built resistance to synthetic ones.
• Plant products and other natural substances have powerful and specific healing properties.
• They influence the skin and scalp at the cellular level and improve normal functions.
• They help to restore the normal balance.
• They are particularly suited to skin and hair care, as the ingredients, which are selected, have no toxicity.
• Natural fragrance of flower and herbs extracts help to calm the nerves and induce relaxation.


• Combination of ancient & latest scientific techniques.
• Treatment have grown out of clinical usage and clinical testing.
• Supported by sophisticated R & D units.
• Products are non -toxic and user friendly.
• Detailed product information.
• Environmental friendly, No animal testing.
• Achieved unprecedented international acclaim.
• Successful track record of 15 years.


Exports to various countries like Malaysia , Sri Lanka , South Africa etc. and now look forward to focus on European countries.


For ages nature has been a source of beauty and is the answer to all our beauty needs. Of late Indian herbs have been attracting attention both in India and abroad for their medicinal qualities and healing properties. Naturence Herbals presents a range of effective herbal remedies for your day to day usage. These products have been manufactured under stringent quality norms framed by the BIS and have been specially formulated keeping the consumer in mind. Our Products are enormously popular and hugely acclaimed for the following type of treatments.

• Face treatment
• Skin treatment
• Hair treatment
• Body treatment

Our wide range of products:

Ours have a legendary range of general care and therapeutic formulations

1. Luxurious Skin Care Products

• Date & Lichi
• Blueberry & Kesar
• Oat Milk (Mask)
• Orange Peel & Jaggery
• Glam Touch (Glow Cream)
• Shea Butter
• Saffron Gold Cream
• Oat Milk (Moisturizer)
• Cherry Shine.

2. Facial Premium Products

• Lustre Diamond Facial Kit
• 24 Carat Gold Facial Kit
• Green Tea & Black Coffee Kit
• Acne Cure (Anti Pimple Treatment Kit)
• Papaya Facial Kit
• Banana Facial Kit
• Choco Wine Facial Kit
• Sugar & Spice Facial Kit
• Summer Cool Facial Kit
• Water Melon Facial Kit
• Oxigen Facial Kit
• Fruitillacious Facial Kit
• Marshmallow (Medi Pedi Spa Kit)
• Skin Polishing (Spa Kit)
• Ubtan Facial Kit
• 99.99 Silver Wonder Facial Kit
• Pearl Facial Kit
• Cool Mint.

3. Daily Skin Care Products

• Face Washes -
24 Carat Gold, Fresh Fruit Gel, Aloe Vera & Neem, Oxygen, Grape Wine, Papaya.

• Bleach Creams -
Golden Faire Bleach Cream, Diamond Bleach Cream, Haldi Chandan Bleach Cream, Oxy Rich Bleach Cream, Fruit Fair Bleach Cream, Super Blonde Bleach Cream, Laq 2 Anti Tan Bleach Cream.

• Facial Kits -
Gold Facial Kit, Diamond Facial Kit, Fruit Facial Kit, Pearl Facial Kit, Chocolate Facial Kit, Wine Facial Kit, Silver Facial Kit, Papaya Enzyme Facial Kit

• Hair Removing Creams - Silky Touch - Aloe Vera, Silky Touch - Gold, Silky Touch - Rose

• Hair Care Nourishing - Heena Tinge, Keratene (Hair Oil).

• Gels - Aloe Vera Gel, Papaya Gel

• Cleansers -
Milklear, Mint Cleanser , Almond Cleanse.

• Sun Screen Cream & Lotion -
Sun Block (White Zinc) - SPF 50

• Toners - Rose Toner, Cucumber Toner, Vitamin C Toner, Pearl Toner, Pink Lotus, Seaweed Water, Bearberry Water, Gold Serum, Silver Minral Serum, Oxy Ferming Serum, Oxy Softening Toner, Banana Toner, Water Melon Toner, Papaya Serum.

• Shampoo - Egg Shampoo, Kids Marshmallow Shampoo, Basil 'N' Neem Shampoo, Green Care Shampoo

• Fairness Lotion - La-Faire

• Exfoliator (Scrub) - Fruit Scrub, 24 Carat Golden Peel Scrub, Irish Scrub, Pearl Scrub, Diamond Scrub, Wine Scrub, Sugar Soft Exfoliator, Glycoderm Peel Scrub, Ubtan Scrub, Red Sandal Scrub, Green Tea Scrub, Jaggery Scrub, Derma Gold Scrub, Silver Jojoba Scrub, Papaya Lemon Scrub, Oxy Rich Gel Exfoliator, Chocolate Scrub,, Water Melon Scrub.

• Mask - Cherry Shine, Cool Mint,

• Soaps - Anti Acne Soap, Scrub Soap

• Body Lotions - Fruit Lotion, Sweet Almond

• Massage Oil - Laherb, Saffron Gold Oil

• Packs - Anti-Tan Pack (Bridal Glow), Apple Touch, Papaya Enzyme, Fruit Care, Turmeric N Clove

• Massage Creams - Saffron Gold, Fruit Massage Cream

• Moisturizers - Vita Moist, Almond Cleanse

• Pedi Care - Pedi Care, Pedicare Scrub

• Essential Oils - La Tinge, Rose Faire, Oceanic Peace, Lemon Steam, Chocowine Oil, Get in Shape Oil.


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