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Choco Wine Facial Kit

Anti wrinkel for dry skin treatment

Chocolate facial is not only blended with Choco powder but has ingredients like, Shea butter, Kokum utter, Armica extract, Jojoba oil, Juniper oil ensure the nourishment and radiance to the skin. It promises to work as an anti ageing. For there is highly appreciated shea butter - kokum butter which reduces the fine line and nourishes the skin texture.

Available In Stock:

Size: 100g, 450g

How to use this kit:

Step 1. Choco Lyte (Exfoliating Scrub) :
Micro granules of Jojoba with the help of Seseme oil, Armica extracts, Shea Butter not only helps to remove dead skin cells but also prevents the skin from drying. Choco blend helps to nourish the skin texture. It also helps to cleanse and tone the skin.

Directions: Apply amount required massage for 3 to 5 minutes with the Scrubber then wipe off with wet cotton.

Step 2. Choco Life (Massage Cream) :
This cream contains the richest formula to give your skin the ultimate look. Shea blend, kokum blend works as an anti ageing property and helps to restore the skin natural borrier as it works also to strengthen retexturize and enhance hydration dilute the Choco care oil and massage.

Directions : Apply amount required is circular movement from neck to face then apply the Choco firm gel.

Step 3. Choco Firm (Massaging Gel) :
The rich gel re in force skin barrier , protects the skin and help to give ultimate glow and help to defend itself against stress . With the help of oils like Cyprus oil, Juniper oil, lemon grass etc.

Directions : Apply the gel after massage cream. Massage for few minutes dilute some drops of (Choco care oil) and massage in from neck to face do not rinse off directly apply the pack for the better results

Step 4. Choco Glow (Face Pack): Cocoa butter , Choco blend ,kokum blend and some essential oil has been diluted in the pack . Vitamin A & E protects the skin against free radicals and helps to smooth the skin tissue . It also stimulates the cells and gives a radiance look

Directions: Apply from neck to face keep the pack for 15 minutes the damp in wet cotton massage it wipe off.

Step 5. Choco wine (Anti Ageing Oil):
Anti ageing and a skin brightening concentrate with herbal active ingredients. Protects the skin against sun damaged and helps to keep the skin moisture level high due avoid fine lines.

Directions: After the oil while mixing into the massage cream and message gel .While completing the facial individually also this ail can be used in facial treatment. Just a few drops in enough.


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