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Cool Mint

Facial Mask, Insta GLow

This Mask is Enriched with pure herbs and essential oils such as , Geranium , Grape Seed , Peppermint , mint etc. It soothes the skin and is very effective on oily to very greasy skin. It helps cool the skin and remove tanning from the epidermis layer , extreme fairness and glowing results. Skin with open pores should use this Mask 3 times a week for good results.

Available In Stock:

Size: 450g

Directions: Make a paste by adding water to the powder base Mask. Apply immediately after making paste on face & neck. Remove the Mask with wet towel once the mask is fully dried on face do not apply any cream or lotion after removing this Mask. It`s cooling effect will go if done so.

Ingredients :

• Cinnamomum Camphora-0.50%
• Singejehata 15.00%
• Mentha Spicata 5.00%
• Lawsonia Alba 5.00%
• Cyperus Rotundus 3.00%
• Trapa natans 7.00%
• Fullers Earth 10.00%
• Powder base-qs


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