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Face Wash

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24 Carat Gold (Face Wash)

For Extra Glow & Shine

24 Carat Gold combined with Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Geranium Oil works for extra glow to the skin, it deep cleanses the skin from within go get the radiant & luminous skin tone.

Size: 72ml (60ml + 12ml Free)
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Fresh Fruit Gel (Face Wash)

Glowing Fairness Gel (For all skin type)

Made from Fruit Juices blended with Honey & glycerine this 100% soap free face wash cleanses the skin without drying and makes your skin smooth & soft while promising the extra glow to your skin. An ideal substitute for soap. Can be used daily for all skin types and for babies as well it is very soft and mild in texture.

Size: 72ml (60 + 12ml free)
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Aloe Vera (Face Wash)

With Neem & Tulsi

Natural Plant Extracts of Tulsi, Neem & Aloe Vera. Blended with essential oils helps the skin to remove dull impurities & deep cleanses the skin. The skin feels soft supple & smother.

Size: 72ml (60ml + 12ml Free)
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Oxygen (Face Wash)

Oxirich Cleanser (Refreshing & Cooling)

Naturence introduces O2 Face wash. A luxurious restorative face wash formulated with complex of vitamin E contains xylitol, geranium oil, ylang ylang, wheat germ , aloevera.

Size: 60ml
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Grape Wine (Face Wash)

Tan Remover

Blended with Grape juice, Wine extract, Aloevera extract, Pineapple extract with essential oil helps to nourish the skin and gives fairness. It removes tanning and moisturizes the skin, after wash apply sun block if going out.

Size: 60ml
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Papaya (Face Wash)

Blemish Control Formula

Papaya face wash highly recommended face wash for blemish and pigmented skin. This papaya Face wash helps to lighten the Blemish and pigments its natural ingredients, Papaya extract, Orange Peel, A.H.A. Honey & Glycerin helps skin soften and gives radiance to skin tone.

Size: 72ml (60ml + 12ml Free)
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