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Lustre Diamond Facial Kit

Postively Pure Postively Randint

Diamond is one of the natural allotropes of carbon. Diamond is a transparent crystal known as adamant, hardest occuring material. Naturence Lustre Diamond Facial Care Products not only give the flexibility to choose the most appropriate, age-related products and or the product according to your skin needs but also provide superior skin rejuvenation, maintenance and protection, neutralizes and removes free radicals from skin cells...

Szie : 70g Go to Details

24 Carat Gold Facial Kit

Glow your skin with real Gold

It Contains 24 Carat gold can recharge our skin cells and rejuvenate and giving them simulation of blood lymph and cell metabolism ,which can help a dull ,dry ,sluggish skin glow like baby soft skin.

Size : 100g Go to Details

Green Tea & Black Coffee

Mature Skin Treatment Kit

Green Tea contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called cotichins, which helps to fight damages caused by free radicals. Free radicals can form in your skin for a variety of reasons, includes exposures to toxins, U.V rays which causes up to 90% of all signs of premature ageing. Green Tea antioxidant facials treatment tightens the skin and manages to give glow & suppleness to sluggish & dull skins.

Size : 100g Go to Details

Acne Cure Kit

Anti Pimple Treatment Kit

Natural occurring Plants, herbs and oils from Ancient times we have used for skin and health care. This product we are introducing for curing pimple and deep Acne. All ingredients are Anti inflammation and Antiseptic. Neem, Clove oil, Basil leaves, Ginger, Tea tree will ensure for cleaner and better looking skin.

Size : 100g Go to Details

Papaya Enzyme Facial Kit

Anti Blemish

Aloevera Gel, Papaya extract, Lemon, Cucumber. Blended with essential oils, this nourishing kit helps maintain the skins healthy structure for a longer by binding with collagen and elastin to prevent them from being broken down. Nourishing by natural ingredients will protect the skin from damage and wrinkles.

Size : 100g Go to Details

Banana Facial Kit

Skin Nourishing

With the help and support of our beauticians and clients who have been using Naturence with their trust in us for the last 12 years, we have newly launched Radiant Banana Nourishing Kit for the year 2008. We hope that it will give you the same benefits what we have been giving you for the last so many years. Hope to keep your trust worthy and live upto your expectations.

Size : 100g Go to Details

Choco Wine Facial Kit

Anti wrinkel for dry skin treatment

Chocolate facial is not only blended with Choco powder but has ingredients like, Shea butter, Kokum utter, Armica extract, Jojoba oil, Juniper oil ensure the nourishment and radiance to the skin. It promises to work as an anti ageing. For there is highly appreciated shea butter - kokum butter which reduces the fine line and nourishes the skin texture.

Size : 100g Go to Details

Sugar & Spice Facial Kit

Multi Purpose Facial Kit

Sugar ‘N’ Spice Kit is made up of A.H.A. while keeping in mind the problems of skin such as acne, scars, pigmentation, greasy skin, dark n patchy skin uneven skin tone, open pores. These are basically problematic skin, which is very much in places like India because of pollution, environmental dust and change of weather.

Size : 100g Go to Details

Summer Cool Whitening Facial Kit

Mela Fair

Skin whitening products are the most popular in the beauty industry because of their versatility in treating many types of skin conditioning, such as Age spots, Melasma and Acne marks, the kit is pigment reducing complex with the benefits of cooling agents specially for summers the skin tends to get dehydrated and dull, we have put in special herbs to give the cooling effects and help the skin feel breathe and take away the dullness and you could see the results in short period of times.

Size :100g Go to Details

Water Melon Facial Kit

Tan Remover Kit

Watermelon is naturally slightly astringent and may be used to benefit skins appearance. Watermelon is itself a natural toner blended with different types of essential oils and herbs. It gives excellent results for tan remover. It contains Vitamin C and lycopene, these are powerful tools to fight and tanning due to UV rays. Natural Vitamin A found in watermelon helps to boost up the skin glow and help reduce the amount of oil secreted by skin and reduce pore size.

Size: 100g Go to Details


Medi Pedi Spa Kit

Fresh Fruits & Essential Oils like Eucalyptus Peppermint, Choco Powder, Mint, Coffee. These ingredients are blended together to make the perfect product for Medi Pedi Kit. It will not only Enhance our skin but also keeps the skin Soft and Supple in Summers and winters. This beautiful kit contains blend of chocolate powder, So it does the Marshmallow effect. This product can be used as Home Care Kit also.

Size : 1.25 kg Go to Details

Skin Polishing (Spa Kit)

For face & body

Skin Polishing kit is inspired by the innocence of Nature. Skin polishing kit has power ofnatral floral remedies derived from flowers. Flowers rang comes under aromatherapy.Its is a very precise art, dependent on the use of pure essential oils the distilled vital essence of plant with its complex hydrocarbon that develops naturally with flower leaves, roots , barks and fruit rind.

Szie : 3 kg + 500 ml Go to Details

Ubtan Kit

For Face & Body, Glow & Shine

Experience the ancient beautifying treatment specially formulated for Brides and Grooms. This kit contains Pure Herbs, which includes Turmeric, Sandalwood, Chammomile, Geranium, Pure rose. It cleanses the deep layer of skin and gives extra glow & shine for face & body.

Size : 3 kg + 125 ml Go to Details

Fruitillacious Facial Kit

For radiant glow skin care kit

Derived from sustainable and renewable origin the fruits combine is the formulation for this fruit kit the combination of all fruits are highly effective for Radiant & Glow. Blended with essential oils this kit will justify its well known anti oxidant properties.

Size : 100g Go to Details

Oxigen Facial Kit

Moisture Thirst Hydra Therapy Facial Treatment Kit

Our life day by day changes with age and polluted environment. Our skin tends to get tougher, dryer, dull and the original moisture of the skin disappears. We are lack of the original Oxigen, because of the polluted environment. Naturence introduces its exclusive & luxurious Oxigen Facial Kit keeping all these things in mind. Oxigen Kit is tremendously benefited on skins of fatigue, grey skin and dull skin.

Size : 100g Go to Details

99.99 Silver Wonder Facial Kit

Your life is active and dynamic. Its all about movement changing rhythm joy and stress. Your skin too has an active life. It is in a state of perpetual movement with different need for different days. We introduce 99.99 Silver Wonder Collection the primary conditioning for lasting beauty. Silver is nature's alternative to antibiotics kicks. It is modern day natural wonder therapy for skin to kill germs. It is tremendously benefited on skin eruptions such as acne scars. This is a wonderful therapy to replace microderm-abrasion.

Size : 70g Go to Details

Pearl Facial Kit

Glowing Complexion

Experience of yourself the ancient and luxurious beautifying time tested ritual by the Empresses of Royal Court of China. From the heart of Ocean, Naturence bring you the most valauble gem which promises to make your complexion as rich as the gem-itself the real pearl. Pearl has been used to beautify the skin allowing it to be nourished and rejuvenated. It is packed with 14 to 18 Amino Acid and 12 minerals and trace-elements. It is softening to the skin and increases cell-regeneration. It has the ability to reduce blotchiness and discoloration as it brightens and brings to equilibrium, the complexion with its anti-microbial and antibacterial properties.

Size: 100g Go to Details

Cool Mint

Facial Mask, Insta Glow

This Mask is Enriched with pure herbs and essential oils such as, Geranium, Grape Seed, Peppermint, mint etc. It soothes the skin and is very effective on oily to very greasy skin. It helps cool the skin and remove tanning from the epidermis layer, extreme fairness and glowing results. Skin with open pores should use this Mask 3 times a week for good results.

Size : 450g Go to Details

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