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Green Tea & Black Coffee

Mature Skin Treatment Kit

Work on:

• Mature Skin
• Anti Ageing
• Skin Tightening
• To get Radiant & Flawless skin
• Wrinkle free solution

Green Tea contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called cotichins, which helps to fight damages caused by free radicals. Free radicals can form in your skin for a variety of reasons, includes exposures to toxins, U.V rays which causes up to 90% of all signs of premature ageing.

Green Tea antioxidant facials treatment tightens the skin and manages to give glow & suppleness to sluggish & dull skins.

Its rich texture of cream contains, Green Tea extract, Chamomile, Grape Fruit extract, Marshmallow plant extract, Carrot stem extract and essential oils to prevent skin from ageing and dullness. it also removes ageing lines and crows feet up to 80%, & tightens the skin.

People with skin conditions such as Dryness, Double chin & Fat on facial skin helps remove excess fat from the skin with the help of Green Tea & Lemon Grass, Cypress Oil etc.

To have a youth full skin without fatty tissue around your face use NATURENCE GREEN TEA facial treatment beneficial for dull, sluggish, fatty tissue and loose skin

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How to use this kit:

Step 1. Microdermabression Polishing Cream (Cactus & Aloevera):
A unique skin softening cream blended with real micro cystals, aloevera & cactus, it rescue faces and refines skin to extra smoothness and brightness.

Directions: Wet face, apply enough polishing cream, them massage all over face neck avoiding eye area for 5 to 6 minutes then wipe off with wet towel.

Step 2. Green Tea Moisturizing Collagen Cream:
This green tea collagen cream is specially formulated for the deeper layer of your skin it penetrates to the collagen and regenerates the collagen cells. The extract of green tea is beneficial for renewal of body toxins. It is excellent source for anti ageing treatment and aged and dull skin.

Directions: Take required massage for 20 minutes without water and no water to be used during massage. After massage apply black coffee and ginger skin tightening pack.

Step 3. Skin Tightening Black Coffee and Ginger Pack:
Coffee, an antioxidant property and ginger, an antiseptic property both combines together with skin tightening essential oils agent helps to tighten the skin and sooth the skin balancing to the moisture of skin.

Directions: Apply all over skin with the help of index finger to spread all over neck and face, keep the pack for 15 minutes till fully dried, apply some water on face dilute the pack and gently remove with wet towel and apply heating pack.

Step 4. Heating Mask Grean Tea & Bearberry Antioxidant Mask
This heating mask is specially formulated for skin which is sagging and which does not have glow. Its rich bearberry extract and Green Tea with heating agents like lemon grass which heats cells and rejuvenates the cells gives instant suppleness and glow to the skin.

Directions: After tightening mask, apply thin layer of heating mask all over neck and face. Keep till 20 minutes or as much as the time you want. It will help the skin minimize the fine lines and act as hydra balance mask.

Step 5. Firdaus Moisture Hydra Balance (Post Treatment Enhancer):
Unique moisturizer for instant glow to skin is an extract of bearberry, papaya, nutmeg and many more plant extracts made to give the skin extra nourishment and glow.

Directions: Apply after is over to neck and face for excellent results . Use everyday and nights as a day & nights moisturizing cream.


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