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Lustre Diamond Facial Kit

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Diamond is one of the natural allotropes of carbon. Diamond is a transparent crystal known as adamant , hardest occuring material. Naturence Lustre Diamond Facial Care Products not only give the flexibility to choose the most appropriate , age-related products and or the product according to your skin needs but also provide superior skin rejuvenation , maintenance and protection , neutralizes and removes free radicals from skin cells. Free radicals , which are created by negative enviormental factors such as smoke , pollution and water toxins , destroy the genetic structure of cells leading to premature ageing. This facial is for all types of skin.

Available In Stock:

Size: 70g, 450g

How to use this kit:

Step 1. Lustre Diamond Miracle Masque (Almond Cleanse)
This mild exfoliating mask removes dead skin and dull impurities , while improving moisture absorbing abilities. Hydrating marine botanicals blended with diamond dust helps to rejuvenate the skin with the helps of oils like sage , geranium and vitamin B.

Directions: Apply the mask from neck to face , keep for 5-7 minutes , massage for 2-3 minutes , then wipe off with damp cotton.

Step 2. Lustre Diamond Renewal Gel (Sage)
A moisture replenishing formula that helps strengthen and reinforce the skin while improving elasticity and visible smoothing fine lines. This Gel contains Aloevera extract concentrated with diamond dust.

Directions: Massage for 10-12 minutes or use galvanic (+). if using the machine for 90 seconds , then apply Diamond Massage Cream directly and massage for 20 minutes for better results.

Step 3. Lustre Diamond Brightening Cream (Sweet Almond)
As diamond is known for its lustre, when applying it helps to give radiance to the skin. Its rich diamond dust blended with anti ageing properties helps diminish red light scars and discoloration from from skin and gives lasting radiance to skin tone. It improves the quality of skin and helps minimize skin moisture retention.

Directions: Apply from neck to face , massage for 20 minutes , take 3-4 drops of Radiant Serum , if required.

Step 4. Lustre Diamond Protective Mask (Natural Base)
An intense hydrating mask used with diamond dust , contained with botanicals to improve skin moisture , firmness and elasticity. Diamond dust helps rejuvenate the cells for a longer period.

Directions: Apply Mask on neck to face , Keep it for 10-15 minutes then remove while massaging , the wipe with damp cotton.

Step 5. Lustre Diamond Radiant Serum (Oceanic Peace)
This is hydrating serum. It has anti ageing properties keeping in mind the fine lines of ageing. it 100% helps reduce those lines within weeks. This rich Serum helps deliver Largest Moisture to areas it needs the most and replenish depleted moisture.

Directions: Apply this serum and massage for 5-8 minutes from neck to face.


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