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Date & Lichi

Luxurious anti ageing cream

Date Palm Cernels that contains 7 compounds to help delay visible effects of ageing in the skin, including Phytosterols for varrious function, Ursolic acid to regenerate the skin. Lichi the active ingredients in the lichi (Lactic acid) helps the skin to vanish fine lines, dark spots. Vitamin C in it to fulfill the skins requirement.

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Blueberry & Kesar

Heating deep cleansing mask for all skin type
(Groom Pack)

Naturence Herbals introduce its new luxurious range of products. This cleansing mask is light weight and gives deep cleansing effect to the skin. Blueberry extract and Kesar is specially added to give the glow and softness to the skin. It ensures that the skin remains supple and soft all day long.

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Oat Milk (Mask)

Thirst moisturizing mask for Mature & Dry Skin

Oat milk mask is enriched with powerful active ingredients that includes Honey, saffron, Calendula, Orange extract, Grape seed oil etc. It helps nourish the skin and keeps the skin flawless for ever. Application of this mask twice a week is recommended for excellent results.

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Orange Peel & Jaggery

Exfoliating paste for smooth skin texture & blemishes

Orange peel powder directly derived from the original active fruits mixed with Jaggery (Gur) helps the skin remove dead skin cells and helps to remove tanning and it clears off blemishes.

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Glam Touch (Glow Cream)

B.B Cream (Beauty Balm)

This Cream is blended with essential oils and Blue berry extract. Green tea extract, Shea butter 40%,Avacado oil . It helps skin give instant glow and keep's the skin hydrated. It works well during summer &winter's , Shea butter is used for hydrating the skin, its richness is the glam which gives touch of glow. It has SPF 50 which will protect the skin from UV rays.

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Shea Butter

Moisturizing night cream

Shea butter this highly effective ingredient is specially formulated for dry to very dry skin. This active ingredient is blended with grape seed oil,jojoba oil, papaya extract, honey, glycerin etc.It moisturizes the skin to the deeper layer and helps to minimize the fine lines crow's-feet etc.

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Saffron Gold Cream

Age defying complex cream

A unique massage cream which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin and delays ageing. An ideal treatment for sagging skin, can be used for facial massage also

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Oat Milk Gel Moisturizer

Golden Glow Gel Based Moisturizer for all Skin Types

Ota Milk is a light weight natural ingredient which gives instant glow to the skin and keeps the skin hydrated it easily absorbs into the skin a dynamic anti ageing defence.

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Cherry Shine

Anti pigmentation mask

An ideal treatment pack for blemishes, pigmentation and sunburn cases. A unique blend of essential oils helps to regulate the pH level of the skin which improves complexion. With additional sun protecting agents helps against everyday sun damage.

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