Orange Peel & Jaggery (Scrub)

Exfoliating paste for smooth skin texture & blemishes

Orange peel powder directly derived from the original active fruits mixed with Jaggery (Gur) helps the skin remove dead skin cells and helps to remove tanning and it clears off blemishes.

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Size: 50g

Directions: Take quantity required make a paste with Vitamin C toner of Naturence Apply on neck and face keep for 15 minutes, after massage for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse off.


  • • Meliaazedarach -2.00%
  • • Prunus armeniaca-3.00%
  • • Aloe-vera-2.50%
  • • Mentha spicata-3.80%
  • • Acacia arabia-5.00%
  • • Pyrus cydonia-2.90%
  • • Gelidium cartilagineum-2.20%
  • • Powder base - qs.

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