Papaya Enzyme Facial Kit

Anti Blemish

Papaya is the best bet when it comes to skin. It is a good source of Vitamin A and Papain. Vitamin A acts as an antiOxidant, while the papain breaks down inactive proteins and removes dead skin. It also contains AHA’ s that have anti-agieng properties. This also means that papaya for skin is one of the best things to happen. Its results are very effective for blemishes and light pigmented scars.

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Size: 15g, 40g

How to use this kit:

Step 1. Papaya Cleanser (Sparkle Gel):
Soft and gentle in texture, blended with pure essential oils like Neem, Tea Tree, Grape seed helps to carry away dust, make up and purifies the skin texture.

Directions: Apply the amount required massage it for a few minutes and wipe off with wet cotton.

Step 2. Papaya Softening (Lemon Scrub):
Papaya, Mulberry extract with Jojoba beads, this mild exfoliator helps to deep cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells from epidermis layers. Very mild in texture.

Directions: Apply from neck to face. Keep the scrub for a few seconds, then exfoliate mildly with finger tips and wash off after a few minutes.

Step 3. Papaya Massage Gel:
Papaya extract blended with essential oils is specifically formulated to soothe the skin and give instant fairness to the skin.

Directions: Apply amount required massage gently for 10 minutes then wipe off with wet cotton.

Step 4. Papaya Massage Cream (Musk Bell):
This rich cream containing papaya extract with Honey helps to nourish the skin and it works as an anti ageing property. It also improves skin oxygen consumption, Contributes to a radiant complexion.

Directions: Apply the amount required, massage for 15 to 20 minutes for better results. Then directly apply the papaya and olive pack.

Step 5. Papaya Face Pack (Grape Fruit):
A rejuvenating face pack with papaya and olive helps to tone up the skin and hydrate the skin texture. It also works as a tan removal pack.

Directions: Apply after facial massage cream, keep pack till semi dry then wash off with water. For better results can be applied thrice weekly for Tan removal.


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