Shea Butter

Moisturizing night cream

Shea butter this highly effective ingredient is specially formulated for dry to very dry skin. This active ingredient is blended with grape seed oil,jojoba oil, papaya extract, honey, glycerin etc.It moisturizes the skin to the deeper layer and helps to minimize the fine lines crow's-feet etc.

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Size: 50g

Directions: Apply the cream during day & can be used as a night cream for better results.


  • • Zizyphus sativa-3.00%
  • • Prunus amygdalus-1.50%
  • • Zink ores 2.00%
  • • Honey-1.50%
  • • Pongamia glanbra-1.65%
  • • Coptis teeta-1.75%
  • • Pandanus odoratissimus-1.85
  • • Honey wax-400%
  • • Gelidium
  • • Cartiulagieum-4.00%
  • • D.M. Water - q.s.

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