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Summer Cool Whitening Facial Kit

Mela Fair

Skin whitening products are the most popular in the beauty industry because of their versatility in treating many types of skin conditioning, such as Age spots, Melasma and Acne marks, the kit is pigment reducing complex with the benefits of cooling agents specially for summers the skin tends to get dehydrated and dull, we have put in special herbs to give the cooling effects and help the skin feel breathe and take away the dullness and you could see the results in short period of times. Specially diluted herbs like, Aloe Vera, Mint, Vitamin C, Tomato Pulp, Cucumber extracts, Orange Juice, Carrot, Olive oil, Lemon extract, etc, these all combine and make an excellent source of skin whitening, product with good results. Retinol is found in carrot along with co-enzyme Q.10.

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Size: 100g, 450g

How to use this kit:

Step 1. Honey & Mint Cleansing Gel (Mint cleanser ):
Honey contains antioxidant flavanoids which helps skin glow and deep cleanses the skin , honey provides a calming effect and helps replenish skin moisture it is commercial use is moisturizing cleansing and can be used as skin conditioners.

Directions:Apply amount required and massage the gel for 5 to 7 minutes and gently wipe off with wet cotton .

Step 2. Tomato Scrub :
Nutrients found in tomatoes are -Vitamin C, Molybdenum/ Vitamin A & K. The antioxidant function of lycopene found in tomato its ability to help protects cells in the body from oxygen damage it helps improve glow to the skin.

Directions: Apply amount required massage gently from neck to face 10-15 minutes its mild granules will help to remove dead skin an give instant glow to the skin the skin feel refreshed and supply, as baby skin.

Step 3. Watermelon massage Gel (Aloevera Gel):
Benefits of watermelon: (a) Slows aging process (b) makes skin healthy, refresh, and smooth and soft. Its works wonders for summer its cooling agent not only well results but also gives refreshing feel to the skin.

Directions: Apply the gel all over neck to face massage for 20-25 minutes, with the help peppermint oil and apply the pack on the top of the layer don’t wipe off the gel .

Step 4. Orange Mask (Garden Bloom):
Orange Contains Vitamin C it has excellent sources of energy given to skin for glow it helps remove dark sports and gives instant glow & fairness to the skin.

Directions:Apply the Mask after facial massage and keep till semi dry and use the peppermint oil after facial .

Step 5. Peppermint Oil (Sweet Jasmine ):
Peppermint Oil is not just for hair but also to skin and lips it helps reduce oil secretion of the skin and help remove sun tan and works well as anti tan agent.

Directions: Apply Peppermint Oil after facial as the last step this oil this oil can be used during facial with the watermelon massage gel .Can be used individually in summer for tanning.


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