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Cucumber Toner

With Essential Oils

An antiseptic and cooling skin refresher helps to maintain the oil and moisture balance of the skin. It helps in dissolving the dry dead cells and gives fresh look to the face by added essential oils. By Causing capillaries to dilute which helps the skin pores look smoother.

Size: 100 ml
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Rose Toner

Pink Rose

A refreshing skin tonic which helps to refine skin pores and gives fresh clean look. Maintains the texture of the skin.

Size: 100 ml
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Vitamin C Toner

Skin Tonic

(For All Skin Types)

This rich Vitamin C toner is a hydrating toner for dry skin. Orange peel and A.H.A is used to give radiance to the skin. It benefits the skin by giving glow and softness to dry and very dry skin.

Size: 100 ml
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